Yet Another ESP32 Webcam

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The problem:

I used an old phone with an Android IP Webcam app to check my driveway, but it stopped working after 3 days. Then I had to reset it – this means going up the ladder every single time. I couldn’t find a way to make it work longer.

Actually, there is no problem. I just like to tinker and couldn’t find a case/mount for ESP32cam that would suit my needs, so I invented a problem.


  • esp32 cam with serial module, antenna, cam module 66-degree OV2640 (aliexpresss link), ~10€
  • 160-degree lens (fisheye) module OV2640 v2 (aliexpress link), ~5€

The ESP32 module has an internal and external wifi antenna. To use the external one, I resoldered a tiny resistor (as the previous time, but this time I did it in 5 minutes and no burns 🙂 )


I started with the following case from Printables (thanks to @CosmicNimbus). It’s a nice case, but it doesn’t have a mount. So I designed it.


All parts are available at Printables.

I’ve added the red part to the original case (in TinkerCad):

3d model of a esp32 cam in TinkerCad

Then I designed a 90-degree joint. 7mm bolt fits nicely to the inner hole.

3d model of a esp32 cam case joint in TinkerCad

… and a stand/mount:

3d model of a esp32 cam stand in TinkerCad

Printed and assembled:

I used 2 screws and bolts (7mm?) I had at hand to tighten joints.

I know, the print is ugly, my printer is not behaving lately.

printed and assembled case for esp32 cam, white pla

Mounted in the wooden shed. Yeah, brown filament would be better:

mounted case for esp32 cam, white pla, on a wooden horizontal pillar

Home Assistant and ESPHome

The Home Assistant integration and ESPHome code is the same as previous time.

Conclusions/Key takeaways

  • It’s a cheap webcam, 15€ + my work.
  • The resolution is not great (1600×1200), but it’s usable to see what’s happening on the driveway.
  • This camera module’s (160degree) image quality is worse than the original (66degree), the image is blurrier.
  • The refresh rate is around 1fps (due to 15m to the wifi router and limitations of the esp32), but it’s ok-ish.
  • The fisheye effect is ok-ish, it covers a large area.
a fisheye view on the driveway through a wooden garage


The links to the products are not affiliate links and I don’t receive any compensation for linking.

The code and the ideas are mostly from HomeAssistant and ESPHome community forums.

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