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  • 3D printing with TPU

    3D printing with TPU

    (original post with nicer layout here) #TPU material is one of my favourite materials for #3Dprinting. During the last year I’ve printed some usable objects for home improvement. Why? Material I’m using Overture’s orange TPU. Settings I’m printing with the following settings: Practical cases: 1. Gaskets A rubber gasket for my garden hose connector broke.…

  • 3Dprinting drainage pipe connector

    3Dprinting drainage pipe connector

    #3Dprinting drainage pipe connector What’s #3dprinting printing today? Oh, nothing special, just a simple drainage pipe connector. The plastic pipe connecting the gutter and rainwater container broke some time ago and I attached it with duct tape. It looked gross and I decided to make a pretty female-female connector. #TinkerCAD: See these little teeth inside…