3Dprinting drainage pipe connector

drainage pipe connector

What’s printing today? Oh, nothing special, just a simple drainage pipe connector.

The plastic pipe connecting the gutter and rainwater container broke some time ago and I attached it with duct tape. It looked gross and I decided to make a pretty female-female connector.


See these little teeth inside the connector? They’re for a tighter grip.

Powered up the printer after a month and the first layer wouldn’t stick to the plate. Then I figured out I had to calibrate the bed first. Interestingly, it forgets the bed level mesh if the printer is disconnected for several weeks.

After 15 hours, the print is done.

The connector is really tight, I should have made it a bit bigger.

Nevertheless, it holds both parts of the pipe together:

Nevermind the wood dust on it, I was cutting some wood nearby and the connector attracted the particles.



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