It was 1995 when I created my first homepage. It was called ‘Junkyard’, written in plain HTML and run on University’s VAX/VMS server. It’s long gone. Meanwhile, I’ve used other hosting places like Google’s Blogger and Linkedin. 28 years later, this is another attempt at my web presence.

Recently I’ve set up my own WordPress self-hosted server for 2 reasons.

  1. Because I can
  2. Because of the existence of ActivityPub plugin

Current stack:

  • A home server (10yrs old laptop)
  • Proxmox
  • LXC (Linux Container) using “Turnkey WordPress” image
  • NGINX for reverse proxy redirection of requests from my home router
  • DDNS (because I don’t have fixed IP address)
  • WordPress + ActivityPub plugin. So my posts will be automagically published to Mastodon and other Fediverse. Try if it works and follow me. Open your Mastodon and search for user:

To get to this point where the page is working and to setup everything, I needed about a year. I’ve been stuck numerous times. For example, I couldn’t connect WordPress with MySQL. Then my redirects weren’t working. There was a letter missing in NGINX web server configuration. Etc., etc.. I’m getting old.

Nevertheless, now I’m able to publish my brain farts and hobbies like smart home (#homeassistant), 3D printing and fiction writing.






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