How much electricity does 20y old dishwasher consume (Tuya Zigbee smart socket test)

Aliexpress Santa delivered a cheap (10€) Tuya smart socket (Zigbee version). I have several Aquara smart sockets (SP-EUC01) around the house that work really well in . But they cost 20-25€.

I wanted to test the smart socket this time. Not sure exactly which model it is, Aliex… markets it as “Homekit Tuya Smart Zigbee 3.0 Power Plug 16A EU Outlet 3680W“.

Zigbee2MQTT recognizes it as TS011F.

Adding it to my Zigbee mesh network was pretty straight-forward. I just connected it to the socket, activated Home Assistant -> Zigbee2MQTT -> Permit join – all and that was it.

It exposes the following functionalities: state (switch on-off), power outage memory (in case of power loss), LED, power measurement, current measurement, voltage measurement, energy consumption, child lock (not sure how it works) and network signal strength.

I connected my 20-year-old Bosch dishwasher to Tuya smart socket because:

  1. I wanted to measure how much electricity it consumes per washing cycle and
  2. to check when exactly it stops. It has some issues, sometimes it randomly stops during the washing cycle. A gentle door push restarts it. I’m suspecting a faulty door micro-switch, but I want to see the pattern.

I’ve run a ‘medium’ dishwasher program (55C) and here’s the graph of the power. When the heater is on, it reaches 2200W. When only a water pump runs, it consumes about 150W:

Total electricity consumption per washing cycle is 1.27 kWh.

I’ve checked new dishwashers and they consume approx. 0.8 kWh per washing cycle.

The difference between mine and new ones is ~0.4 kWh.

We wash dishes approx. 300 times per year. A new dishwasher would consume 120 kWh less per year. The current electricity price 0.19€ / kWh which means 22€ fewer costs per year.

A new dishwasher costs approx. 600€.

ROI would be approx. 27 years.

This means the dishwasher stays and I’ll fix it as long as I can.

P. S. : Yes, but how much production energy I ‘preserve’ if I don’t buy a new dishwasher?
The energy needed to produce one dishwasher (raw material extraction + manufacturing) is approx. 4800MJ (source, pg. 37), which is about 1333 kWh (calculator) ~ 100 washing cycles.



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  1. John Deters Avatar

    @tomi I'd keep a watchful eye on that switch. Some inexpensive switches that are labeled for high current are not always "reliable" when it comes to actual appliance use.

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