More on “Activitypub” and “Friends” plugin for WordPress

Let’s check what ‘Activitypub’ and ‘Friends’ plugins for WordPress do.

After installing them, some widgets appear in the ‘add block’ menu:

“Fediverse Followers” and the “Follow me on the Fediverse” are a part of “Activitypub” plugin. Thanx for correction, Matthias Pfefferle ( /

Let’s try it out:

Example of ‘Fediverse followers’ widget. It shows all fediverse followers of this blog. Nice!

Widget output:

Example of ‘Follow me on fediverse’ widget"}}”>

Example of ‘Friend posts’ widget

Block ‘Friend posts’ is a part of ‘Friends’ plugin and it outputs this:






2 responses to “More on “Activitypub” and “Friends” plugin for WordPress”

  1. Matthias Pfefferle Avatar

    FYI: The “Fediverse Followers” and the “Follow me on the Fediverse” Blocks are part of the ActivityPub plugin and do work without the friends plugin installed.

    1. Tomi Avatar

      Oh, I didn’t realized that 🙂 Thanks for the tip, I’m still learning about this stuff.

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